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Would you like to join us on our Fandomize Podcast? We need opinions!

We're setting up the next few episodes of the Fandomize Podcast and we need people to come join us to discuss all kinds of fannish topics.

We record them on Skype and we can work around almost any time zone. Here are some of the topics we're interested in discussing:

  • My family (people at work) don't understand me and my fandom.

  • How proudly do you wear your fandom? For example, do you wear the t-shirts? Have your house painted like a Tardis, etc?

  • Convention Questions: what's appropriate, what's not, how do we draw the line? (For example, if the actor works with a battered women's charity is it okay to bring up the subject?)

  • What do you do when your fannish show goes off the air?

  • Classic fandoms - why do some (Starsky & Hutch, Star Trek) live on long after the show is gone.

  • Actors and the Fandom - do you like it when they're involved or is it weird?

  • That moment when you go from just watching to becoming a full on fangirl or boy.

Open to any other fannish topics you'd like to discuss. We're also interested in interviewing fan writers, artists, especially anyone who has turned their fandom love into their career (or side job.)