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LJ's new policy. . . hmmm

Have you all see this about the new LJ explore?

"In order to make sure each area has great content, recent public posts are analyzed electronically and then placed into the areas where they best fit, if there is indeed such an area. (Not all entries will necessarily appear in an explore area.) The feed of posts is updated constantly, so you can refresh the page to see new entries as they are posted. In some areas, you will also see featured content that the LiveJournal staff found to be timely, interesting, or well-written. As of today, we have featured content picked by the staff in both Entertainment and News & Politics, with more featured content to come. "

So, as I understand this, I could write a squeeing post about Jensen Ackles and it could end up on the front page of Live Journal. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this. YEs, I know my journal is public and anyone could stumble upon my LJ. But that's not quite the same as putting my posts on the front page.

I think this means I'll be going friends only again and very soon....

Thoughts from the rest of you? Will this change how you LJ?


The only stuff I have unlocked are my fics, so I opted out of having my journal included in this new LJ thing.
I just opted out. I actually got to you through the spnnewsletter post about the new Steve Carlson and Jensen Ackles picture and thought I'd check out the rest of what you'd had to say so if it was friends only I'd have missed out but just my two cents. I can see where lj's new thing pushes into some dicy/delicate territory in regards to public knowledge and obviousness.
I just simply turned off the option where Livejournal can grab some post of mine and publish it in their "what's happening now" feed, and that's that.
You can choose to not be part of the explore tool, and being safe from being on the highlights.

I didn't decide what I'm gonna do yet, but some of my friends are opting out of the feature already.
I'm glad you posted on this, b/c I somehow missed this. I don't post as often as some people and I flock most of my more personal posts, but as you said, the possibility of one of my posts ending up on LJs front page is kinda disconcerting.